Wednesday 27 November 2013

Unity 3D FPS Prefabs Summary

When I started work on Diabolical: The Shooter I made a joke that it might take me ten years.  I'm not there yet but I have been going for many years and learnt a huge amount on the way.

I chose XNA because at the time it was the only way for independent developers (indie) to publish to a console.  With the advent of the Xbox One it was announced that Unity will be supported and provided to the initial crop of registered indie developers.  It is hoped that eventually everyone will be able to developer for the Xbox One but as yet no details or dates have emerged.

I have decided to do some experimentation with Unity to decide if moving development of my game over to Unity is the most likely to get the game finished to the standard I would like within my lifetime!

I will post my progress with a Unity version and take a view at some point which version I will complete.

The first step is to see what prefabs and templates are available to get me started as quickly as possible.

Although I want a Third Person view eventually I want the controls and features to behave more like a First Person Shooter so I intend to start by looking at those.  I also need multiplay, online with AI, so they are also prefabs to look for.

Any views I express about the quality or suitablity are my own opinion for my own use and may not be applicable to anyone else's use of that same asset.

Realistic FPS Prefab
+ Movement, Multi-Weapons, Pickups, Melee, Health, AI(simple)
- No Multiplayer, No Online
Full level sample and ran nicely.
Very Good Reviews.

FPS Kit | Version 2.0
+ Multiplayer(Photon), Online(Photon), Movement, Multi-Weapons, Pickups
- Bugs(claimed), No AI
Limited samples but what was there worked well.  See the forum thread for more details.
Good Reviews.

Unity Shooter Engine
+ AI, Third and First Person
- No Multiplayer, No Online
Sample did not finish loading!
Good Reviews.

Free Unity FPS Starter Template
Need to e-mail to get sample code.
Looked very limited and slow in the video.

Free FPS Kit by OneManArmy
+ Vehicles, Multi-Weapons, Pickups, Melee, Health.
- No Muliplayer, No online, No AI
I tried this out and it has everything I need as a starter and more.
Good Reviews.
The web site has other useful stuff on it.

Ultimate FPS
+ Movement, Pickups, Melee
- Just a camera
To maintain a 5 star rating with so many reviews is very good.
Very Good Reviews.
Update:  So much more has been added to this since I first looked.

Other things I found that I have not folowed up on:

Don't forget all the excellent complete sample projects provided by Unity themselves:

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