About The Game

'Diabolical: The Shooter'
is a Sci-Fi over the shoulder shooter with emphasis on lots of action and cooperative play.

Set in a future where humans are colonising the galaxy evidence of a former galactic power is starting to emerge.  The aliens want to rule, stop them before they stop you!

About The Author

'John C. Brown'
has been interested in computers since the first time he encountered them on a college course when he was 16.  He was the first of his friends to have a home computer long before it was popular.  A Tandy TRS-80 with 4k of RAM and built in BASIC programming language.

That interest became a career, initially installing, then supporting and currently managing a global network.  Games and programming always remained a hobby.  His interest in first person shooters (FPS) started, like many people's, with Wolfenstein 3D.  Prior to the use of the Internet in homes he played single player, then when his brother-in-law moved next door he strung a long network cable between the two houses and played anything that had a network mode.

They preferred to play cooperatively (co-op) rather than against each other but that was a rare feature in the games of the time forcing him to modify (mod) some of the PC games to include that mode.  As consoles, like the Xbox, evolved many more games included co-op modes so the need to mod the games subsided.

When John came across Microsoft XNA which enables hobby developers to write games for the Xbox 360 it re-awakened a desire to create his own FPS game even if, as he joked with a friend, it took 10 years.

Consoles and tools have moved on and development has evolved but the Game goes on.

John learnt a lot from using XNA not least of which was that it takes time to create your own tools. The development has moved over to use the Unity 3D engine which gives more time to progress the game play and will allow the creation of a richer environment more in line with modern games.


Diabolical: The Shooter, web site:

Planned Game Play Features

  • Cooperative matches
  • Enemy Bots (computer controlled opponents)
  • Two player split screen
  • Four player online