Shows the weapons, effects and first level as at early January 2013

The Alien is controlled by the computer AI

The videos are captured on a Windows PC at various stages during development. The scenes and features depicted may or may not end up in the finished game. The images are at the same resolution that will be used for the Xbox 360 game. The game on the Xbox 360 will appear as close as possible to these videos but is unlikely to be identical.
The videos were captured with Microsoft Expression Encoder and edited using Microsoft Movie Maker.
Embedded Videos: 
I use the YouTube share method and select Embed with a custom size of 384 x 216 to fit the width of this blog.  In the editor for this blog I use the HTML edit screen and insert the 'Embed' link provided from YouTube.  I also add the ?rel=0 parameter so that related video links are not shown when the video ends.