Friday 14 November 2014


Following on from my last post about source control, lots of additional things have conspired to halt development.

The aforementioned source control issuesLand Rovers, laptop problems, excessive work at my day job and then playing Destiny on my Xbox One have all been parties to what I expect to be a long pause.

Destiny is so close to the game I would have liked to have developed that I am spending my spare time playing that.

I expect to return to my own game development at some point but for the time being any updates will be few and far between.



Although Destiny kept me more interested than any other game this year, I have still lost interest in it. No matter how good quality the graphics are and how stable the game play is, playing the same thing over and over is only fun for a while.

It has made me re-think my game design.  In particular I now want each play through of any level to be different every time.  The characters both players and enemies should start at different locations and cover different areas of the same map.

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