Monday 11 February 2013

Play Testing Is Very Useful

I put the game in to Xbox Live play testing with little expectations especially as it is such an early version.

What I got back was incredible.  I knew the way others look at the game would be different to how I see it, with the 'rose tinted glasses' of the developer on but I was not expecting such useful feedback.

After the initial essential bug fix, many of the comments are about balancing the combat. I got feedback on AI behaviour, the relative strengths of the weapons and even some suggestions for the bullet effect via Twitter.  I also got some useful comments, with screen shots, on projectile behaviour which I knew about but did not expect others to notice.  I know now that if I know about it chances are others will also find it distracting.

I have already fixed or changed many of the things based on the suggestions and just have the more time consuming ones to go.  Some changes have hit performance so I am in the process of moving things about to get a few more milliseconds out of the CPU...  I hope!

Thanks again to all.


Sick Kreations said...

I'm looking forward to your next submission to play test. I see from the screen shot you adjusted bullet impact to be within the reticle. I always do that with every game i play, CoD, Battlefield, it helps me learn how the weapons handle. Not sure how many gamers use same method but i bet some small percentage will appreciate it when Diabolical hits the market.

John C Brown said...

I put that screen shot there so you would know I'd fixed it.
Thanks for pointing it out I did not know people tried out weapons like that. Makes sense.
I'll put out another playtest once I have made enough changes to make it worth while. Thanks again.