Thursday 28 July 2011

What Can My Game Already Do

An article by Nick Gravelyn over on his blog inspired me to think about what I have done.  Theirs shows a screen shot of what a team of three achieved on their game engine in 6 months.

I've been working on mine for over two years on my own and I'm pleased to say my game can already do a lot, in fact code wise there can't be much more to add.  I hope!

This list of features is a reminder to me of what I have achieved:
  • Walk round a 3D world
  • - Jump
  • - Spectate
  • First person controls
  • Over the shoulder view of yourself (more fiddly than it sounds)
  • Animated
  • - Blend animations
  • - Merge in arm movement to follow which way the player is looking
  • - Hold attachments that move with whatever they are attached to
  • - Shared animation files (and a way to get them in to the pipeline.)
  • Collide with characters and structures
  • Terrain and game editor
  • - Change heights
  • - Change textures
  • Add and remove:
  • - models
  • - triggers
  • - particle effects
  • - goals
  • - trigger goal success
  • - trigger add a new goal
  • - trigger spawn player
  • - trigger spawn non-players
  • - trigger particle effects
  • - Waypoints for AI pathfinding
  • - Spawnpoints
  • Lighting
  • Shadows (not a trivial task, many many months spent on this)
  • Full menu system
  • - Select which map to play
  • - Customise the player character with hats etc.
  • - Load and save character choices
  • - Change music and effect volumes
  • - In game pause menu, resume or exit
  • - Display goals outstanding and completed
  • Select weapons
  • Shoot weapons
  • Bullet trails
  • Bullet impact decals (instanced)
  • Bullet impact effect, debris and smoke
  • Muzzle flash
  • Most things have sound effects
  • Drop weapons
  • Pickup weapons
  • Pickup ammunition
  • Head Up Display (HUD)
  • - Weapon sights
  • - Sniper sights
  • - Zoom in
  • - Display ammo as used
  • - Compass
  • - Radar showing friend and enemy positions if close
  • Non-Player AI
  • - Pathfinding
  • - Select a target if in range
  • - Follow a player (target)
  • and I'm sure there's more...

All the in game stuff runs on the Xbox with a development version running on the PC as well.

In addition to all that I had to write a Python script for Blender to be able to export models from Blender to XNA and as a short distraction I am currently trying to unify that with the built in FBX exported in Blender so that in future one exporter works with everything!

I'm still a long way from finishing the game though.  That is because most of the above use placeholder graphics and so I am now working to create the finished 3D models to go in the game.  Then I will post a video to really show off :-)

I'd like to thank all those people on various forums that have helped along the way.

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