Thursday 24 March 2011

A Tiny Bit Of Progress

I have completed my first model for my first level.  OK, it's not the most interesting creation but I am excited about it.  It's a packing crate.

What's exciting for me is that it proves I can create and texture my own 3D models.  Up until now I was assuming that because I could edit other peoples models I would be able to create my own.  Now I know I can at least create simple shapes which will be more than enough for the buildings and objects I am likely to create myself.

It took me two evenings using Blender.  At the moment I have only been using Blender every few months so I have to look up the commands each time as a refresher but once I start using it on a daily basis I am sure I will get faster.

All the textures came from the excellent site.

I should be able to crack on and get a level done with the main aim of creating a demo video.

Lets hope I don't get too distracted.  I'm already fighting myself to wait before I start on Ambient Occlusion and to stop looking at BEPUPhysics.

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