Thursday 15 April 2010

Named the game

Over the weekend the game got a name. 'Diabolical: The Shooter'.

It's not easy to tell from the current screenshots that this will be a Science Fiction game, so I thought it worth describing the game concept.

It's set in a future where humans have travelled between stars and set up outposts and cities on remote worlds, where we have encountered a small number of other intelligent races.

The premise of this game is that human nature does not change. We still work and fight to get more of what we want. On the outer reaches there are few governments and corporations have a free hand to do business as they please. Humans, however, were not the first race to travel through space. There was a long dead ancient civilization spread through the galaxy. Anything to do with that ancient civilisation can easily be sold to the highest bidder and there is strong competition to get artifacts.

Back to what I've been doing...
I was intending to do the artwork myself but after spending far more time than I could spare to create one small object. I decided that if the game is ever to be finished to the quality I would like, then I need to get an artist to create the key assets.

I have found some off the shelf models for some characters and most of the scenery but the game needs to be unique so I commissioned a 3D model a week ago and the result is back. It is exactly what I was after. I need to do some more work before I will present it.

My main focus at the moment is map design, although I get side tracked when I need to add new features to the level editor. Things like a model to represent the spawn points or a grid to help position structures.

I've also improved the random noise and terrain smoothing functions and added a rectangular cursor which is useful for man made shapes like roads.

The circular one is best for hills and natural terrain.

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